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Re: [PLUG] PLUG West: Linuxbiernacht pre-announcement

Either location works for me!

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Paul L. Snyder wrote:

It looks like we have enough people interested to get a western suburbs
Linux meeting off the ground.  Woo!  Survey results were not definitive,
but it looks like Monday, March 20 at 7:00pm is as good a time as any
for an initial get-together.

I'd like for this group to consider itself as part of PLUG and the broader
Philadelphia Linux community, so I suggest that we call these meetings
"PLUG West".  In general, this should be a forum for folks in the 'burbs
who might find it difficult to make it to a meeting in the city, (and for
folks in the city who can't get enough Linux with a single PLUG meeting
per month).

The first event will be a Linuxbiernacht: everyone who's interested will
gather at a local brewpub, where we'll talk tech and enjoy tasty, tasty
beer.  Proposed agenda:

 * Introductions
 * Beer
 * Discuss future meeting topics, location, and frequency
 * General brouhaha

We do need to select a forum.  Our choices:

 A) The Drafting Room, on Route 100 north of Exton.  More upscale, may
    have space issues?

 B) Victory Brewing Company, on Acorn Lane in Downingtown.  Relatively
    informal environment.

In either case, we'll need to contact the restaurant to make sure that
it's okay for us to meet there.

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