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[PLUG] python talk tonight

The Philly Python Users' Group (PUG) is holding a meeting tonight that
might be of interest to many in PLUG.  Please excuse the cross-post.

The talk is at Drexel, corner of 31st and Market, Philadelphia.  If
you come and have trouble finding the spot or find the room locked,
please call me, as I have a key to the room, and, since my office is
just in the next building, I might show up just in time otherwise.

  Title: A Media Tech Startup in Python
  Speaker: Dr. Stan Schwartz
  Location: Hill Seminar Room, Lebow 240
  Date: Thursday 6 April, 7 p.m.

Please join the Philadelphia Python Users' Group for a talk by
Dr. Stan Schwartz on python and his pre-launch media technology

The talk will focus on the use of python and LAMP/Django at (site not yet live) to build a website applying
image-based media technology as a consumer-oriented service, also
intended to be extensible to business applications.  Dr. Schwartz will
demo the media technology and some previous media experiments.  He
will also solicit comment from the audience about the design and
architecture of the site, which is still being built, proposed
business models, and strategies to bring the technology to market.
This will include discussion of issues faced by many small web
startups, including intellectual property protection, financing
alternatives, and scaling.

Dr. Schwartz did his PhD in cognitive psychology at UPenn, with a
focus on AI and medical decision making.  He was a was a research
programmer in the GRASP Lab at Penn for several years, where he
learned image processing.  He was a long-time researcher/programmer at
CHI Systems Inc. in Lower Gwynedd, PA, where he developed expert
systems in C, prolog, perl, and some specialized AI languages.  His
current python work for his media startup, still pre-launch, folds
back in his image processing background and a long-time
interest/background of his in visual art.  His programming is
self-taught.  He currently prefers to work in python, so that he can
express things quickly and avoid unnecessary wrestling with code.


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