Eric Hidle on 10 Apr 2006 15:12:49 -0000

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Re: [PLUG] Linux Serial console

I know my Tyan board supports a serial console... and I've used it before when I've not been able to get network access to it. It's definitely a handy thing to have, although I have the console connected to a serial port on my router box and not a terminal. The nice thing about motherboard console redirection is that it does not depend upon the linux kernel actually running - and you can vulcan-pinch the box remotely if your terminal software supports sending the key sequence over the serial port.

But, to answer your question, it's very easy to accomplish. And, in fact, I believe you can now specify your kernel parameters in menuconfig for doing a serial console using the kernel - if your motherboard doesn't support redirection.

Andrew Libby wrote:
The topic of sparc keyboard vs serial console got me to thinking about
Linux serial consoles.  What's the preferred approach to do this?  I'd
like to
have a serial console available on several linux machines, is this an easy
thing to accomplish?  Ideally we'd even have bios access (is this possible).



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