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Re: [PLUG] Linux Serial console

In the message dated: Mon, 10 Apr 2006 10:54:17 EDT,
The pithy ruminations from Andrew Libby on 
<[PLUG] Linux Serial console> were:
=> The topic of sparc keyboard vs serial console got me to thinking about
=> Linux serial consoles.  What's the preferred approach to do this?  I'd
=> like to
=> have a serial console available on several linux machines, is this an easy
=> thing to accomplish?  Ideally we'd even have bios access (is this possible).

For remote management, I'm a big fan of the Cyclades line of terminal servers.
They run embedded Linux, provide ssh access (and an http or curses-type menu).
They do the right thing in terms of buffering and logging unattened console
output (great for catching those "panic" messages), and can copy their data to a
networked syslog server. They've got the usual snmp stuff, and are overall very
solid and affordable. Check out the TS series for the low end (stand-alone
installations), or the AlterPath stuff for enterprise management features:

BIOS access depends on the box to which you're connecting.

If you've got $$$$$, and you're a Cisco shop (and desire uniformity & ease of 
maintenance), I'd also recommend a low-end Cisco modular router stuffed 
with a few serial boards. 


=> Thanks.
=> Andy
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