Paul L. Snyder on 22 Apr 2006 23:42:29 -0000

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PLUG West meeting nights (was Re: [PLUG] meeting nights)

Quoting Ronald Kaye Jr <>:

> i also teach evenings (mon, wed, thurs)
> any support for rotating the meeting nights, mon-thurs

I've thought about that as a possibility, but it does make it harder to
know with certainty when the next meeting will can tell instantly
by looking at the calendar when the first Wednesday of the month is, but
"third Monday of odd months and third Thursday of even months" is an
algorithm with a fair amount of cognitive overhead.

On the other hand, if we select only the third Monday we'll conflict with
the  MontCo/Bucks LUG fifty percent of the time, and my own school
schedule ties up Thursday nights some quarters.

I think maybe we'll alternate for the next few months, and see whether one
day stands out as superior, or if folks like the alternation.  I _would_
like to nail down hard dates for the rest of the speakers we have scheduled
(through September, at the moment).


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