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Re: [PLUG] apt problem

On Monday 24 April 2006 13:16, sean finney wrote:
> > What do you think of checkinstall?  I wanted to minimize non-apt
> > packages?
> i'm generally unimpressed by it, but haven't used it extensively
> so i could be missing out on something.  

It did a nice job with rpm when I was using red hat, but I have used it much 
on Debian.

> but i suspect you 
> misunderstood my suggestion.  my suggestion was to recompile
> the source packages into new debian binary packages.  something
> like:
> apt-get source foo
> apt-get build-dep foo
> cd foo-version
> # fix any broken versioned build-depencies here
> $EDITOR debian/control
> dpkg-buildpackage
> dpkg -i ../$generated_debs
> kind of a poor man's backport.  as i mentioned, the advantage of this
> is that you can do it once and never think about it again because the
> package management system is happy and it will default to keeping the
> status quo until the package maintainer fixes the problem.

Now I get it.  I thought you meant to download the tarball and make a deb out 
of it, something I have yet to try.


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