Ben Dugan on 26 Apr 2006 13:11:46 -0000

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[PLUG] OT - Temporary linux contract opening

I am looking for an able linux programmer to help with two projects, which I'll describe briefly here:

1. Real Time Psychometrics system integration

We'll be putting together a PC with a program called RTStim that runs
under real-time linux and requires a few special pieces of hardware. We
will be incorporating one of our fiber optic reponse devices with this
package, and testing the overall system for timing accuracy. While this
is largely a linux integration type of project, some programming may be

2. Cross platform program for usb device control

We recently developed an all-usb version of our fiber optic response
pad; this is a usb device that has some internal parameters that can be
set over the usb connection, and it is also firmware bootload-able via
usb. I have a bunch of linux code to perform most of the functions, and
have written a Gtk based gui version with the hope of making it also
work under windows and OS X. Now the programs need to be tightened up
and organized into something that is easy for our users to use.

Please respond to me off-list if you are interested. Thanks.


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