Chris Marget on 26 Apr 2006 12:20:09 -0000

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[PLUG] OT: Anybody want this Sun gear?


Before I put these things out with the trash, I thought I'd ask if
there's any interest from the group.

I've got a pair of Sun Ultra 2 workstations.  One of them is 2x 300MHz
and 2GB ram.  The other I'm not sure about, I consider it a parts
system, but it may be complete.

Also, I've got a Sparc Storage Array model 114.  It holds 30
single-ended scsi drives and connects to the U2 with multimode fiber.
Throughput is limited to about 25MB/s.  The array is mostly full with a
combination of 4, 9 and 36 GB drives.

I snagged the array ages ago because having it plugged in provided an
automatic license for Veritas Volume Manager, and I wanted some
administration practice.

The last few years it's just been collecting dust in my garage.

No keyboards, monitors, mice...  All I have to offer are the U2's, the
array, and a fiber cable or two.


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