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My dad got the cheapest FiOS option in NJ and he likes it.

They install a wallmounted backpack sized box in your garage (or on
the side of your house) that breaks out the ethernet and phone (and TV
in the future) connections along with a separate mini UPS.  If your AC
power is out for a while you will lose telephone and internet service
(plus TV once they start that).  The speed felt like it was fast, but
I didn't benchmark it.

In the long run, Fiber probably makes sense, but now it probably won't
get you much.

It's kind of cool how there is really not much of a technical barrier
on the speed of fiber now, where DSL has all sorts of line quality
issues that cut down the bandwidth in suboptimal conditions.  If you
wanted more bandwidth on your fiber line, they would just lift your
cap and charge you more...

I think Verizon is really pushing FiOS because they want in on the
Cable TV game.


On 4/27/06, Paul L. Snyder <> wrote:
> So, the FIOS guy came a-knockin' today, said I could get 15Mbps downstream for
> $40/mo, free setup, and one month free.  I'm pretty happy with my DCANet DSL,
> but I'm paying roughly the same amount for 1.5 Mbps.
> Anybody have FIOS and an opinion about it?  If I convert, the house will be
> switched over to fiber; it's a one-way street, with no going back to DSL.
> Plus, I hate dealing with Verizon.
> pls
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