Matt Ayres on 28 Apr 2006 13:19:22 -0000

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James Fiore wrote: wrote:
Will the ports be restricted as Verizon seems to have a reputation of doing?
Yes, they are restricting ports; however, they are not blocking ssh (at least not right now).

Just FYI... I'm set to have Business FIOS installed soon and it includes 5 IP's and any services can be run. The 15mbit / 2mbit up option was $109/mo. That's a lot more than the $44/mo DSL mentioned previously, but the speed is also substantially higher. I know someone with the home 5mbit down edition and they get the full 5mbit on any bandwidth test place they've been to.

Another advantage of the fiber is that fiber is always built in rings, this means if a poll goes down somewhere you're not affected. It's also glass so animals will likely not chew through it.

I'm curious myself if the fiber will be leased out in the future so I can get dark fiber run between our colo and office (and future DC?) :)

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