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Re: [PLUG] "Mini" DNS options?

On Mon, May 15, 2006 at 10:58:31AM -0400, said:
> So I decided that, based on what I"ve heard and what I've found online, 
> setting up BIND for a small network shouldn't be a problem since there's 
> really only one zone and for all other DNS info i'll use an outside DNS. 
> (The DNS server i want to set up is ONLY for use by my internal network 
> and the outside world can't see it.)
> So now i can query the local DNS with things like 
> and i get the right response back, but if I just query for hostname it 
> doesn't assume is the extension. Does anyone know how to make 
> it assume a default domain extension?
> IE: If I type in webcam then I'd like bind to return the address for 

This is a function of your local resolver, not the DNS server.  On *nix
machines, just add 

to /etc/resolv.conf

Then queries will be made first for the unqualified domain, and then for
the FQDN.  I believe Windows has a similar functionality, but I couldn't
tell you where to do it.
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