George Gallen on 1 Jun 2006 14:44:08 -0000

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RE: [PLUG] voip...

thanks, yes power failures and cable failures I would guess would be a problem.
but we a couple cell phones as well.

Now that comcast is getting into the voip business, if it were determined
that they were delaying Vonage packets, I would think that might be illegal.

My only concern would be since I'm using the voip box wirelessly to the router,
what happens to the calls when the wireless signal drops for a few seconds.
On my PC, the wireless signal will just disconnect, then reconnect again in 
a couple of seconds every now and again.


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> George --
> I have been using Vonage since December.  It works.  Voice quality is
> mostly OK, but sometimes not.  Calls get dropped more frequently than
> with a landline.  Rumors are that Comcast delays Vonage IP packets,
> but I have no substantiation of that.  We supposedly have 911 coverage
> in our area.  Overall, Vomage works well enough at a lower price point
> compared to the landline it replaced that we will stay with it.  We
> kept the old phone number and the transition was smooth and seamless.
> But make sure it's not your only phone - in my family, we each have a
> cell phone, so not having a landline for emergencies is probably OK.
> -- Bhaskar
> On 6/1/06, George Gallen <> wrote:
> > well, I bought the voip box last night, also bought a 
> wireless gaming interface
> > (or rather a WAP) so I could situate the voip box where I 
> wanted it, instead of
> > where my router is.
> >
> > So far it sounds fairly clean, havn't given up my landline 
> yet. I'll give it a
> > couple months. For now it's just one phone hooked up (I 
> call it the bat phone).
> >
> > Anyone have any cons on vonage/voip? (aside from pricing 
> issues - which for me
> > won't be a problem, as it's 1/3 of my current phone service 
> with no loss in
> > service abilities, at least I don't think any loss).
> >
> > George
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