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Re: [PLUG] DCANet DSL Offerings (WAS: Speakeasy/COVAD outages yesterday)

On 02 Jun, 2006, at 11:22, Ben Dugan wrote:
What's weird is that I can't figure out a way to decide if Covad is poor
on service vs. if Covad is getting the squeeze put on it by Verizon. I
need to get in touch with Covad directly instead of taking the ISP's
word for everything.

Unless things have changed in recent years, COVAD buys or leases "dry- pairs" from Verizon and then connects them to their own DSL equipment.

DCAnet on the other hand is simply reselling Verizon DSL.

"Dry pairs" are a tariffed service. DSL is not.

Both COVAD and DCAnet are still dependent upon Verizon to "roll a truck" if there is a problem with the "last mile" wire (which they have to pay for). In COVAD's case, they can send their own tech out first to verify the problem is in the local-loop before calling Verizon. DCAnet simply calls Verizon. (Both of them go through the dog-and-pony nonsense of playing with your Windows PC before they even bother to admit there is a problem.)

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