Jason on 14 Jun 2006 21:04:44 -0000

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[PLUG] Linksys WIP300 Wifi SIP Phone seeks new home...

I got one of these about 2 weeks ago.  Yesterday I found out that I'm
getting a Nokia E61 through my work.  The E61, in addition to being a
mobile phone, also has 802.11g and a SIP stack.  Since I'd rather use
1 phone than 2, I'm looking to adopt out the WIP300.

I got it from Voxilla about 2 weeks ago, for $219.  I'd like to get
something close to $200 if possible, since it's brandy-new.

It's got 802.11g with the whole alphabet of Wifi security
(WEP-40/WEP-128/WPA/WPA2), supports SIP 2.0, and is 100% unlocked, so
it can be setup to work with an Asterisk deployment, or another
SIP-based VoIP service, like BroadVoice or even the Gizmo Project or
FreeWorld Dialup.

Email me privately to discuss if you're interested.

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