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Re: [PLUG] Linux Finance Programs

No question that GNUCash is more powerful, has better business functionality 
and a really poor interface.  

I prefer kmymoney2 ( for personal finance.  
Much better interface.  Requires KDE.  Added bonus: developers monitor and 
are active and responsive in the users mail list.  Like GNUCash, the custom 
reporting is weak compared to the Intuit packages.

There are some commercial Linux packages that I haven't tried, but may be 
worth a look.  At least one has a trial version.

For business, I'd look at running Quickbooks under Crossover Office.  For 
personal, as I only use as a checkbook register, kmymoney2 is nice.

On Wednesday 21 June 2006 09:36, Eric Hidle wrote:
> I've been using GNUCash since February, and once you get the hang of the
> completely hokey interface, it actually works pretty well. It generates
> reports that are not very useful, though, at least not in the version I
> have (whatever came with FC4). It has a lot of business-oriented
> functionality that I haven't had a need to try, but it seems pretty
> powerful.
> E
> Jeff Watson wrote:
> > I know i saw this posted some time ago but i was wondering people's
> > opinions on finance programs. Setting up my house computer and it
> > seemed like a good idea to grab one of these. GnuCash seems pretty
> > solid and thorough- opinions? I also just hooked up with Verizon DSL
> > and i would say i am impressed at what they can crank over twisted pair.
> >
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