jazzman on 23 Jun 2006 01:23:48 -0000

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[PLUG] YUM upgrade

Ok, so this has me confused. I'm attempting to use yum to upgrade my 
system (fc3). I found a set of instructions that just makes absolutely no 
sense to me. The first step is to remove any kernels less than a certain 
version. So I ran the command it said: yum -y remove kernel-2.6.9* (or 
whatever kernel i had installed) and yum went off, calculated it's 
dependancies, and determined that it needed to uninstall EVERYTHING to 
remove that package. I stopped it immediately. That seems like a BAD thing 
to do, no?

So I tried skipping to the next step, downloading a fedora-release rpm. I 
did that, it seemed to work/install ok. Then i ran yum -y upgrade as the 
instructions said... it went off, did some header downloads, then crapped 
out on a kernel dependancy!

*sigh* Is it really this difficult? Is it easier to just run the FC5 
install from cd and be done with it? It can't REALLY be this hard to 
upgrade, can it???


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