George Langford on 5 Sep 2006 21:33:18 -0000

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[PLUG] Re: What's going on with OpenOffice ?

Bhaskar asked:

> What version of OOo are you using and on what
> version of what distribution of Linux?  On x86?

My OS is debian (Sarge) and OpenOffice is version 1.1;
that's what sudo apt-get lets me have.  The hardware is
an older PC with oodles of RAM and hard disk/swap space.

I've just finished the report that precipitated my Q's, and
I made full use of the page numbers and page count with no
further hassles.  I also found out that in order to make the
first page's header different from the rest, I have to create
a whole new page profile for that page.  I'm sure this is best
done on a fresh new document (i.e., template) and that it would
be messy to fix at this stage on a completed document.  Lots of
questions generated by that page layout menu ...

I did download to my desktop a copy of the pdf
User's Guide for Version 2.x, and it's quite useful.

George Langford

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