George Langford on 8 Sep 2006 14:12:33 -0000

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[PLUG] Re: What's going on with OpenOffice ?

A while ago I lamented:

> My second problem remains unsolved. "Default" headers &
> footers just don't fit the bill.  Are the former choices,
> "default, different first page, even & odd," hiding somewhere,
> too ?

Another version of the same lament appeared today.  I opened an
old report and saved it with a new name in preparation for a
new report to the same client.  When I opened the "header" field
on the first page, it gave me the choice I wished for on the 1st
page (different 1st page) but when I attempted to insert a header
on the 2nd page, I was presented with only two choices - default
and first page.  When I chose default, it went back to page 1.
It looks as though the only way to handle this is to start from
scratch and create a series of templates, one for the first page,
and two more for odd and even pages.

Worse yet, when I attempted to put in the page numbers and page
count fields, I get either gray blanks or word fields, but never
any arabic numerals.  If I turn off field shading, I get blank
blanks. That's certainly unacceptable - I'll have to manually
paginate this report - which fortunately is only a few pages.

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