jazzman on 9 Sep 2006 05:26:17 -0000

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[PLUG] OT: Odd CF Card Behavior...

Hey all, quick question and I think Linux may end up being a key to the 
answer here.

I have a cheapo $99 Aiptek palm digital video recorder... takes 640x480 
video and some nice 3.1 megapixel stills and fits in your pocket with room 
to spare... It takes a CF card and I have a Lexar 512 in there. The 
problem is that since I started using the lexar (i believe the chip may be 
questionable, or maybe the formatting of it since i had to repartition it 
once or twice cause i Used it to play with netbsd on an old HPC) the pics 
and vids I take with the camera show up on the chip and i can see them 
fine ON the camera, but when i try to view them on a PC it can't read 
them. Is there a way I can copy them off (maybe byte by byte... id unno) 
and hopefully get them to work. It's so bizzare, they're there and I can 
see them on the camera, but I can't get them OFF of the camera. I've tried 
USB, I've tried puttin the card in a card reader, I've tried 2 or 3 
different PCs... nada...


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