Eric Hidle on 11 Sep 2006 17:40:17 -0000

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[PLUG] [OT] FS: Bunch of stuff (networking, camera, LCD, etc)

I have 4 3COM 3C905B cards, 2 3C905-TXcards , 4 RTL8139A based cards, and three RTL8139C based cards, oh, and one Intel 82558B card. That's 13 cards in total... all 10/100...

Also, one CME8738 based sound card (5.1) and one ISA AWE64 card, and one ESS1371 PCI sound card.

Also, on USR 56k modem and one other 56k (I think) modem - both PCI.

Also, one Dlink DI-614+ router that I am pretty sure the wireless part is broken on.. router works fine...

15.4" widescreen LCD monitor.. (new in box.. bought two, meant to return one, lost receipt, oops) ($100)

Also, if anyone has an interest in analog cameras, I'm making the leap to digital SLR, so I'll be selling my camera setup... ($200)
Minolta STsi camera body (made in JAPAN, not CHINA - S/N 92006549)
100-300 Quantaray Lens w/ AF (S/N 1217809)
35-70/Macro Minolta lens w/ AF (S/N 20205870)
UV filter on each lens
Works great
Will come with whatever film I have left lying around the house - 8 rolls or so)

Promise SX-4000 PCI (32/33) Raid 0/1/5/JBOD card w/ 256MB ECC DIMM (somewhat Linux friendly, drivers are available for specific kernels)

Enlight EN-8902 server chassis - this thing is huge.

Some InWin case I bought a few years back. Real solid. 2 5-1/4 ext bays, 1 3.5, and two internal 3.5. No p/s. This one's free.

Lemme know what you want and what it's worth to you and we'll work something out. All I ask is that you don't insult me. Ebay completed items are usually a pretty good reference (except for camera equipment, 99% of which on ebay is gray market chinese stuff). I'll be out until this evening but will answer emails in the order they are received when I return about 8:30 tonight. I'll meet someone buying the monitor or the camera near Lansdale... the other stuff, you'll have to come to my house and get it since it's pretty low-value.
Thanks :)
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