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[PLUG] PHP on Open Source [Linux|BSD] vs VB.NET (aka: aspx)

I'm curious if anyone here has some experience with Microsoft Visual
Studio, VB.NET and converting it to php/LAMP based technology?  
Here's the background:

A business associate of mine called me and indicated that he might have 
some work for me (I provide php/mysql/admin services to his company).  
It turns out that he's likely to inherit a site written in VB.NET that 
the customer wants to modify and start in a pilot test... 4 weeks.  

It's not the most difficult site I've ever seen but it is not trivial.  
The developer used (as far as I can tell) every widget and wizard in 
the Visual Studio toolbox without regard to interface usability or 
consistency.  We're trying to figure out whether to try to fix the VB
version and then re-write it in LAMP technology  during the pilot 
test or just bit the bullet and start the re-write now.

Questions I'm researching right now...

1. How easy/hard it is to convert the VB.NET source to php?  I've 
found some ASP->PHP items but I'm still looking for information 
about conversion of the VB.NET source.  I'm not optimistic because 
I know how non-standard Microsoft generated HTML used to be
(and probably still is.)  The HTML in the current site relies heavily
on a phalanx of Microsoft JavaScript libraries for it's functionality.

2. Has anyone heard of scalability issues with VB.NET / SQLServer /
Server 2003 web solutions?   I know of a multi-million dollar web-based
system in pure Microsoft technology that could not be rolled out (and 
was ultimately scraped) a few years ago because it became unusable 
(slow) before it got to 10 users.   Unfortunately, it's an anecdote (albeit 
second hand).  I need more information than that.

Any experiences or other thoughts would be welcome.  I continue to
Google the world for insight :-)

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