John Von Essen on 18 Sep 2006 17:57:41 -0000

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[PLUG] Sorry if this is OT but... Google Steals!

I know there has been some google discussion from time to time, but this really ticks me off.

Adwords is a rip off!

Why? Because their reported "clicks" is inaccurate, as much as 50%.

I got a taste of this a few months back but didn't do anything about it because it was impossible to get a hold of anybody at google.

Today I started a new ad, in a few hours, google claims I have 14 clicks. Yet when I search through my apache access.log - I only see 6 hits.

The hits are easy to spot because the referral URL will always be something like:

Now, personally, I think I know what is going, but google still needs to do something about this, and they can't bill you for this clicks that dont make it to your server.

When you click an adword link, you go to that googlesyndication site. That allows google to record and track the event. They then push back some type of browser redirect, redirecting you to the sites being advertised.

So a few things can occur, you click the link, hit google, then hit the stop button in your browser. This can happen, and I accept it, but there is no way that 50% of the people that click ads are hitting STOP in that millesecond windows to stop the redurect.

The other possibility is you click the ad, hit google, but google is heavily loaded, and either the redirect data never makes it back to your browser, or it hangs. Again, this can legitimately happen from time to time. But 50% of the time.

Something is seriously wrong with this.

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