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Re: [PLUG] Ubuntu + RAID5

On 9/20/06, Randy Schmidt <x@altorg.com> wrote:
2. When I "sudo insmod hpt374.ko" to insert the module, it works, but
when I restart it isn't there. There has to be a way that I insert it
permanently but I haven't figured it out. Does anybody know?

Most likely, your driver is not in your initrd. Edit you /etc/modules file and add the driver. Re-run mkinitrd in /boot (it _should_ default to /boot). man mkinitrd before you run it, just so you know what you'll be doing.

You can check your initrd if you are curious.  I don't have Ubuntu in
front of me, so I don't know if Ubuntu uses CramFS .img or a CPIO
initrd.  Use the command "file" or "file -z" on the initrd to figure
out if its CPIO or CramFS.  From there you can dump the contents to
see if your driver is in there or not.  You can mount a CramFS image
or dump the CPIO file contents with "cpio -ivd FILE"

Anyone know why udev doesn't handle this for him?

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