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Re: [PLUG] Myth TV, computer hardware store, and TV & internet service

plug.20.chth@xoxy.net wrote:
Hi there!

Has anybody here recently set up a Myth TV box? I just moved to the south-west side of center city and am planing to set one up at my place. I'm a bit overwhelmed by all the options (especially but not only on the hardware side) and would like to take a look at other peoples' setups. I saw the slides to the Myth TV presentation at a past PLUG meeting. I'd like to custom build the computer, install Kubuntu on it and then put Myth TV on it to serve as both a server for other frontends on the network but also a frontend. Also, is there a good computer hardware store that can be reached from Philly without a car? (If not, what's the clostest computer hardware store you can recommend?)

I currently have Comcast cable for TV and high-speed internet, but am wondering if there might be better options (so far I've only identified Verizon and Speakeasy DSL as possible internet alternatives). I'd appreciate hearing your experiences. I've also read on some of the Myth TV documentations that with the right satellite setup one can receive quite a few unencrypted (international) channels. Does anybody here have any experience with that?


I have had Speakeasy DSL with a couple static IP's for 3+ years with no problems.
The service may have been down a couple of hours at most. If you don't
need static, I'd go with Verizon FIOS, I have a couple of clients that have
had very good luck with FIOS.

If Comcast works for you then no need to change, but when I had it in North Wales
it was routinely down about once every month or two. Could have just been
a week signal to that location, however.

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