Rich G on 23 Sep 2006 03:10:01 -0000

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Re: [PLUG] Myth TV, computer hardware store, and TV & internet service

I am building one now.  I am using SuSe SLED.  KnoppMyth is ok for an
out-of-the-box or shrinkwrap type install.  There is a book that came
out in the past month - Hacking MythTV.  Barnes & Noble carries it.

I bought the Silverstone case (LC-14M) and am using an ASUS MB.  For
tuner cards - I have two pcHDTV HD-3000  and one Hauppage PVR-350.  I
planned on putting the front & backend on the same box.  I'm rethinking
this now...

The options can be overwhelming.  Start off with just the basic Myth and
initial plugins.  Getting a remote and advanced PVR is enough to start

As for buying in/near Philly, I bought everything online - no car
needed.  Microcenter is ok but that is only if you really need/want the
brick-n-mortar feeling.


On Fri, 2006-09-22 at 20:37 -0400, wrote:
> Hi there!
> Has anybody here recently set up a Myth TV box? I just moved to the south-west 
> side of center city and am planing to set one up at my place. I'm a bit 
> overwhelmed by all the options (especially but not only on the hardware side) 
> and would like to take a look at other peoples' setups. I saw the slides to 
> the Myth TV presentation at a past PLUG meeting. I'd like to custom build the 
> computer, install Kubuntu on it and then put Myth TV on it to serve as both a 
> server for other frontends on the network but also a frontend. Also, is there 
> a good computer hardware store that can be reached from Philly without a car? 
> (If not, what's the clostest computer hardware store you can recommend?)
> I currently have Comcast cable for TV and high-speed internet, but am 
> wondering if there might be better options (so far I've only identified 
> Verizon and Speakeasy DSL as possible internet alternatives). I'd appreciate 
> hearing your experiences. I've also read on some of the Myth TV 
> documentations that with the right satellite setup one can receive quite a 
> few unencrypted (international) channels. Does anybody here have any 
> experience with that?
> Thanks,
> Christoph
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