Lee Marzke on 24 Sep 2006 02:31:55 -0000

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Re: [PLUG] Casette recording to mp3

If it were that easy, hopefully I wouldn't be asking.

With Line in connected I get audio in the speakers.  great.

Double clicking the volume control brings up a Gnome mixer.  I can
chose either ALSA or OSS mode on the mixers,   and both mode seem
to allow setting levels.

However ALL of the audio application, including Audacity that I just
installed just record a flat line of silence.

If I change Audacity to ALSA, it claims it can't connect to the audio
card.   Switching back to OSS give no error, but no sound.

I'm sure it has something to do with ALSA, OSS, Jackd, and all other
changes in the sound processing.



gyoza@comcast.net wrote:
Just connect line-out on the cassette player to line-in on the computer, then use Audacity to record.

Lee Marzke wrote:
I need a quick and dirty method of ripping some wav or mp3's from some
cassette tapes I have for a short time.

What are the best tools to do this ?

I've think I've found some conflicts between Alsa and Jack where some
apps don't run ( requiring Jack ) but Jack wont run.  Is this because
Alsa has to be shut down first ?

I've got a OpenSuSe and Freespire machines with sound cards.
Debian on server, but no sound card there.


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