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Re: [PLUG] Domain Name Servers

On Tue, Sep 26, 2006 at 01:47:14PM -0400, Randy Schmidt said:
> When Stephan mentioned a caching nameserver, I googled for information
> about it. One thing that wasn't clear was whether that worked for just
> the one computer or if I could set up the network so that all of the
> computers used the computer with the caching nameserver. Does that
> make sense? Or would I have to set up one computer as a full DNS to do
> that?

If you want a single nameserver that all your machines can query, run
bind.  If you just want something for the local machines, there are
lighter weight alternatives.  That being said, bind9 run on a low stress
network like a home LAN is not particularly resource intensive (my
recursive forwarder for my home LAN is a 700 MHz via machine).

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