Adam Zion on 27 Sep 2006 15:24:03 -0000

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[PLUG] Mandriva hotplug problem

OK, odd problem. To put it simply, hotplugging no longer works on my Mandriva 2006 box, where it did until recently. Whet happens is that, for instance, I insert a USB flash drive, and an entry for "removable" appears in the /mnt directory. That's good. Unfortunately, it's empty. That's bad. And my USB printer still works, so this rules out a problem w/the USB ports in general (yes, I've switched the connections- no effect).

Now, if I run harddrake2, I see an entry for this USB disk, and I can manually unmount the "phantom" entry mentioned above, and then
successfully mount the correct entry to /mnt/removable. But that doesn't
help me w/my digital camera.

Also, when I insert a CD-ROM I also have to manually mount it. It seems as if hotplug has died on this PC. Mike Leone suggested that perhaps an update damaged the hotplug scripts, but when I reinstalled the original ones from the Mandriva DVD, it didn't do the trick.

	Thoughts? I'm half-tempted to say the heck w/it, + do a repair
installation from the DVD, but I'd like to work this out in a more
subtle way first.


Adam Zion, MCSE+I

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