Isaac Bennetch on 29 Sep 2006 14:09:58 -0000

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[PLUG] vim display problems

Greetings list members,

I have a problem typing on a Debian box. Within vim, the characters
don't always appear correctly: spaces appear to be one or two
characters before or after their intended place, characters are
sometimes repeated, etc[1]. Saving, closing, and reopening the file
results in the text displaying correctly. I've reproduced the behavior
from within Putty (a great SSH client for Windows) and from the
console. The problem does not seem to occur with emacs.

As far as I know, my vim install is pretty standard. Any ideas what
could be causing this?

[1]: For example "This is a test" appears as "Thisisa test is a test",
"Hello, how are[backspace]e you today? This is odd behavior" appears
as "Hello, howare yo yt tda? Thisis odd be bavior"
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