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Re: [PLUG] binding specific NIC to multiple IPs

Nothing more than it was the easiest way to convert from a setup where it was 
necessary.  One computer was set up as the router, firewall and gateway.  One 
NIC was connected to the DSL modem, the other was connected to the LAN hub.  
The LAN which consisted of 4 computers at the most (usually only two turned 
on) was set with static IPs via hosts files.  It was easiest just to leave 
the LAN as it was when I replaced the DSL modem with a combo modem/router and 
just point the computers to the modem router as the new default gateway.

Everything works fine this way except I think the old hub is only 10 mbps and 
is a bottleneck.  As the modem/router can also function as a LAN hub, and 
supports 100 mbps ethernet I want to set up the LAN to use it instead,  the 
only problem is, the manual says you can do it but doesn't say how, and the 
Actiontec website says they will tell you how to set it up for $29.95 which 
sticks in my craw because the hardware itself only cost $50 and I don't 
understand why the manual doesn't cover it.

On Saturday 16 December 2006 10:28, wrote:
> One day I might understand the logic of this.  heh
> Art Alexion wrote:
> > Right now, each computer has 2 NICs.  One NIC in each is connected to a
> > DSL router, and the other is connected to a LAN hub.


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