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Re: [PLUG] Fwd: [Fwd: [Cis-phd] Eric Raymond, "Programming in the Real World", 2/15, 6PM Wu&Chen]

On Friday 16 February 2007 12:08, Darian Anthony Patrick wrote:
> >> Eric is the author of "The Cathedral and the Bazaar,"
> >> "The Art of UNIX Programming," and is the editor of
> >> "The New Hacker's Dictionary." He is one of the most
> >> influential persons in the Open Source movement, along
> >> with Linus Torvalds and Richard M. Stallman.

Correction : "He WAS one of the most influential persons in the open source 

Seriously, after all the blunders and missteps that he's been party to lately, 
does anyone actually care what ESR has to say anymore?

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