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[PLUG] The filesystem question...

I know this could very well result in outright religious conflict, but I was 
wondering what people had to say about filesystems.

I've been a long-time user of Reiserfs, but with Hans gone its future seems 
very much in jeopardy.  I also hear of problems with storing reiserfs images 
on a reiserfs partition, which it seems will confuse the filesystem and 
thoroughly bork its structure.  The question is, what would I replace it 

Many seem quite pleased with the performance of XFS, but it seems it has a 
healthy share of critics who claim it to be easily corruptible.  Indeed, the 
delayed allocation feature seems to cause problems by not correctly following 
the Single UNIX Spec.  There are bugs that look fairly nasty, like this one:

Then what are the other options?  I suppose JFS is a candidate, but I know 
almost nothing about it, in particular how actively it is developed and what 
future it may have.  Ext3 may be the best-supported of any filesystem, but 
it's just so slow, and ext4 is still a ways off.

Has anyone had any positive/negative experiences with any of these?  Is there 
something I'm missing here?  The two use cases I'm dealing with is on laptops 
with dm-crypt+LVM and on servers with dm-raid+LVM.  Any advice would be 

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