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Re: [PLUG] Fwd: [Fwd: [Cis-phd] Eric Raymond, "Programming in the Real World", 2/15, 6PM Wu&Chen]

Stallman's speech was good, but he is a bit of an ass. Attacking your audience because they don't understand the semantics of what you're saying is not good public speaking. I wish this announcement would have been posted earlier and with all the details. It looks like it was a good speech.
-Alex Launi

Joshua Karstendick wrote:
I did, and I enjoyed it.

Much of the material about the business of open source I had read from
reading Raymond's papers, but I did learn a few new things, such as
scale-free networks.

He also talked about free software versus open source and software
patents, and he sounded far more reasonable than Stallman, whose talk
I attended at Drexel a few weeks ago.

Much of Raymond's talk, though, was about how professional programmers
need to develop people skills, as most of their time will be spent
talking with clients gathering specifications.

Overall, I found the talk very informative. I especially liked
Raymond's point of view, which is influenced by economics,
anthropology and many other diverse fields.

On 2/19/07, Paul Snyder <> wrote:
On Thu, 15 Feb 2007, wrote:

> Eric Raymond, open source advocate, will speak on
> "Programming in the Real World."
> Thursday, February 15
> 6:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.
> Wu & Chen Auditorium

So, did anyone actually attend this?  If so, how was it?


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