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Re: [PLUG] BitTorrant and routers - and Comcast

I don't know why you (all) don't consider alternatives like DCAnet for
DSL. Yes Verizon still has to install the service but the ISP sets the
rules for the circuit and supplies the internet. Why bother with Verizon
especially if you don't need any of their services. I would expect that
most people on here could setup Apache and Sendmail or something else
suitable. I have been rolling my own here for over 10 years. I am really
surprised more of you have not gone that route. I thought this was the
Linux and software freedom group? You complain about MS so why increase
the coffers of Comcast!

For a limited pipe and limited ports and dynamic IP, Comcast charges way
to much. Get DirectTV and a third party DSL, you will never go back!

I wonder what (if any) limit Verizon puts on it's 30meg (and higher) FIOS.
It would not take long to reach a 200G limit with that kind of BW assuming
you could find someone to talk to at that speed.

No I don't work for DCAnet but if we don't support the little guys they
eventually won't be there and then you will have no choice!


On Tue, 20 Feb 2007, Matthew Rosewarne wrote:

> On Tuesday 20 February 2007 19:24, jeff wrote:
> > They have, without fail, failed.  They are the company that the Dead
> > Parrot Sketch was written about :)   Even if their DSL service was
> > primo, I have no confidence that it would ever get installed, serviced,
> > or much of anything else (except billed).
> I've seen similar horror stories with Verizon.  I once came to someone's
> office to do something with their machine and they had recently gotten
> Verizon DSL installed.  When I tried to connect, nothing happened.  The
> causes became fairly apparent when I looked at the DSL modem:
> 1. The "technician" who had installed the modem had not connect ANY cables
> from the modem to the client's computer!
> 2. The ethernet plug that was supposed to go to the computer was plugged into
> a socket in the wall!
> 3. Amazingly enough, not only had they not plugged in the modem's power cord,
> they didn't even provide a power cord!
> I am just shocked at this pathetic service, it would be funny if it weren't so
> annoying.  Apparently it took several weeks for Verizon to even schedule
> someone to come and actually give the client the power cord for the modem and
> hopefully even plug it in.  Is it really that hard to actually try the
> connection to see if it actually works before leaving the client with a bill?
> > > It's a gut thing, not quantitative, but I find phone companies the lesser
> > > of the phone/cable TV twin evils.
> Oh, they're equally evil.  After all, the business model of cable companies is
> based squarely on the phone giants (that is, before the line-sharing laws).

"Those that sacrifice essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety
 deserve neither liberty nor safety."  -- Ben Franklin (1759)

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