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Re: [PLUG] BitTorrant and routers - and Comcast

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This has been quite a conversation about Verizon and Comcast.  Both are
the pits, but the only other option is satellite.  You may use Speakeasy
or DCA.net but in both instances you are using Verizon.

No one has mentioned during the course of this discussion using a
virtual host like http://www.unixshell.com as their mail/web server.  I
started using them over a year ago with decent success.

With a virtual server your mail/web server is up even during a move.

The cost is only $7.99 a month, so you have your pick Linux distribution
and setup/maintenance is totally up to you.

With Verizon setting up FIOS, if there is a power outage your phone is
dead.  With old fashioned copper the phone still worked since AT&T
originally had set up their own power stations.

Verizon techs are totally clueless when it comes to setting up anything
besides MS Windows.  Some friends told me that the tech were totally
clueless about MAC OSX.  When I had set up my own local system the techs
did not even know how to configure the modem to act as a bridge.

The Comcast techs do not officially support Linux, but the ones I ran
across in Reading use Linux themselves.  So they know what they are
talking about.

Whatever system you decide to go with, I definitely would consider
setting up a virtual server somewhere for my own personal stuff.  The
advantages are:

Static IP Address
High Speed Connection
Your own setup and maintenance
Your choice of distribution

Thus no matter what Verizon or Comcast do to you, your mail and web
server is always up and running.

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