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[PLUG] ENUM is a good thing (VOIP)

If you have a recent version of Trixbox running ( I'm now on 2.0 ) the ENUM trunks
are now trivial to use - and avoid VOIP fee's for your entire call.

An ENUM outbound trunk checks to see if there is a published direct "IP" route to
the destination phone number, before passing it through the PSTN. So if your calling
me at 610 454-xxxx , Asterisk will check with e164.org and find that I have a published
route of sip://610454XXXX@4aero.com - and Presto you connect to me without either
of us paying any charges to VOIP providers.

To use ENUM in Trixbox 2.0 you have to:
1. Outbound: To use other peoples published ENUM routes, you just have to add an ENUM trunk
as the 1st trunk in outbound routing. ENUM has to be 1st - if no ENUM route is found
the call is then processed by your normal VOIP provider.

2. Inbound: Register your phone number and IP of your Asterisk box with e164.org for inbound
access. And enable 'anonymous' inbound SIP.

Lee Marzke

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