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Re: [PLUG] qmail?

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On 5/14/07, Michael Bevilacqua <> wrote:
On 5/14/07, Eric Lucas < > wrote:
While trying to "fix" a samba/cifs mount access problem I "broke" my qmail install.

On my server I changed my UID/GID from 5000/5000 to 1000/100 in order to
match the IDs on my workstation.  Viola! Samba now gives me access.  I then
use find to locate and change the UID/GID of all the files I own.

In the mean time I notice that qmail won't deliver my email.  A long and mostly
sleepless night yields on moderate gains in the error messages.  After changing
the /var/qmail/users/access file to have the correct UID/GID and fine-tuning the
permissions on my maildir I'm left with a qmail log that looks like this:

@400000004648790f2c0a5484 starting delivery 907: msg 18515226 to local eric@localhost
@400000004648790f2c0a7f7c status: local 1/10 remote 0/20
@400000004648790f2da0e68c delivery 907: deferral: Temporary_error_on_maildir_delivery._(#4.3.0)/
@400000004648790f2da11954 status: local 0/10 remote 0/20

Unfortunately, the few suggestions I could find talk about permissions and
ownership for the user's home directory and the Maildir.  Been there - done
that. It's simply too picky and it won't tell me "why" it has this "temporary
error on maildir delivery".  Sigh.

This is the current state of affairs:

Although I've left the UID at 1000 I changed the GID back to 5000 to see if that
made any difference.  Apparently it did improve the situation somewhat.

GID 100 = users
GID 5000 = eric

Here is my home and Maildir permissions and ownership:
drwxr-xr-x   10  1000  5000  4096  May 14  05:39  eric
drwxr-xr-x   53  1000  5000  4096  May 14  05:39  eric/Maildir

At this point it's beyond frustration - any advice, hints, questions,
or offers of the load of a sledgehammer are welcome :-)

Eric Lucas


Your uid/gid must match what you have listed in /var/qmail/users/assign - also, when changing this file don't forget to end the last line with a '.' and then run qmail-newu to regen the cdb. Also, you will probably have to svc -t /service/qmail-send for it to see the changes.

Hope this helps.

Michael D. Bevilacqua

Wow.  that worked like greased lightning!

qmail_newu was the missing link for me.


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