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[PLUG] Beginner's Guide to Linux?

I have knowledge/experience with wintel and linux,
etc. (and looking for a job too- end of contract yesterday)
I have taught Linus at Chubb and ITT.
Classes at both were both good, not cheap.

Download Fedora Core iso, burn to cd, install Linux.
Go to IBM DeveloperWorks.
Go through the tutorials (101 series, 102 series)
They are excellent.


From: Brent Saner <>
Date: 2007/08/20 Mon AM 08:49:22 CDT
To: Philadelphia Linux User's Group Discussion List <>
Subject: Re: [PLUG] Beginner's Guide to Linux?

all very good points. hence why propaganda was in quotes. :) i'm aiming for a disc that shows them that really, linux can do a lot of the things that windows can (just in a different way), because i think that's the biggest fear most newbies have about it. it's mostly intended to get them thinking along the CLI and configs, etc. instead of "so where do  i look in the Control Panel for that?"

as i said also, it's aimed at sysadmins. one doesn't always have the oppurtunity to fix a windows machine, or back up the data on it etc., if its operating system is shot. sort of like a stripped down knoppix (i'm taking out all the games, programming tools, kde extra fluff, so on so forth) with a regeared focus on pen'-testing and net evaluation and repairs and such. 

something my boss told me (he's MCSE, a bunch of other certs) is that a lot of the sysadmins out there haven't ever actually been INTRODUCED to linux, just heard of it by name only.

On 8/20/07, <> wrote:I still remember the stupid messeges that came up on the screen while I
was loading Windows 98 which were telling me how much fun I would have
with this new operating system.  I'd already bought the damned thing so
propaganda was neither necessary or helping as their clock which claimed
loading would take thirty minutes and down must have been relating to
an object going very close to the speed of light and not to what was
happening on my standard clock.
When people get a linux made simple cd, they don't need the propaganda.
they really need those factoids that get them over the hurdles such as
how to make drivers work so that they can use it.  Usually, they have
already been properly propagandized by the memory hogging slow Windows
already installed.

On Thu, 16 Aug 2007, Matthew Rosewarne wrote:

> On Wednesday 15 August 2007, Brent Saner wrote:
> > BTW, this is for a LiveCD that's being developed...trying to make a
> > "propaganda" disc. "see? linux isn't so scary after all. silly windows
> > user!"
> Be careful with propaganda.  If you promise something that Linux just can't
> deliver, and people find that out, they not only won't trust you in the
> future, but they won't trust Linux or Free software.
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