JP Vossen on 5 Sep 2007 17:25:45 -0000

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[PLUG] HDHomeRun with non-digital, non-HD?

I'm toying with setting up a Myth TV box after Amul's preso. I like the idea of the external HDHomeRun box, but it looks like that's digital only ( I have (and am not going to change) the super-duper el-cheapo $17/mo Comcast non-digital, non-HD, no nothing plan.

I am not opposed to doing the over-the-air thing, but I have no HD TVs and no immediate plans to get one.

Can I use the HDHomeRun with my Comcast setup? Can I play it on a 10 year old non-HD TV with only coax and RCA inputs?

Another solution might be a TiVo Series 1 (and _TiVo Hacks_ :).

Any thoughts or suggestions?

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