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[PLUG] [plug-announce] Mon, Oct 15, 2007: GT.M Infrastructure and Development Methodology (PLUG West@Unisys in Malvern)

       / (                           ____)
 _a'{ /__(  The Philadelphia Area   (____|_________________________)\
 `/\\/ __( Linux Users Group (PLUG) |                              ) \
   (/  __( cordially invites you to |    a PLUG West meeting on    )__\}`a_
   <_____(__________________________|   Monday, October 15, 2007,  )__\//\'
                                    |   at Unisys in Malvern, PA   )__  \)

        The next PLUG West meeting will be held on Monday,
        October 15 at Unisys in Malvern.  K. S. Bhaskar will give a
        presentation on a large-scale cross-platform development
        environment, centering around his team's experiences with
        the GT.M database application.  See the end of this message
        for a full abstract of the talk.

        Interested in Linux, BSD, and Free Software?  Whether you're
        already an enthusiast or want to learn more, come and join
        us!  PLUG meetings are open to everyone, and anyone who is
        curious is invited to attend.

        The meeting will be at the Unisys offices in Malvern PA:

           Unisys Corporation
           2476 Swedesford Road
           Malvern, Pennsylvania 19355

        There are two buildings at this site; the meeting will be held in
        main building (the bigger of the two).  Please enter through the
        main entrance at the front of the building and check in at the
        security desk.  For driving directions, please visit


        Unisys has requested that we provide the name of as many attendees
        as possible prior to the event, to expedite entering the building.
        An RSVP is not required, but if you plan to attend it would be
        appreciated if you would drop an email to

        The meeting will begin at 7:00 pm and will last until around
        9:00 pm.  The meeting will begin with an open Question and Answer
        session, with the main presentation beginning at 8:00 pm.

        For more information about PLUG, please visit our website at


        Following the meeting, some attendees head over to the nearby
        Flanigan's Boathouse to continue the discussion over beer.
        Directions to the Boathouse from Unisys can be found at


        GT.M ( is a transaction processing
        database application development platform that consists of a
        database engine, a compiler for the M scripting language, and
        utility programs.  GT.M powers the largest real-time core
        processing system that we know of that is in daily production
        use at any bank anywhere in the world. [A core processing
        system is perhaps the most important single application for a
        bank.]  GT.M is also increasingly used in health care.  On
        some platforms - e.g., x86 Linux - GT.M is available under
        GPL (at  On
        other platforms - e.g., SPARC Solaris, pSeries AIX, Itanium
        HP-UX and Linux - the same GT.M is more traditionally licensed.

        Even more important than extreme scalability is the need for
        robustness and continuity of business, since the GT.M database
        is the legal system of record for tens of millions of bank
        balances worldwide, and since if GT.M is down, the bank is not
        in business.  The bar for robustness and scalability always
        goes up and never goes down.  After robustness and scalability,
        the third design consideration for GT.M is portability: an M
        program must exhibit the same functional behavior on any any
        platform.  Rounding out the requirements, is the fact that we
        are under perpetual pressure to do more with fewer resources.

        The GT.M development team has an extensive infrastructure,
        consisting not only a hardware infrastructure of machines but
        also a software infrastructure with a heavy investment in
        automation for building and testing.  Every weekend, the
        servers are busy running the automated regression test suite
        against the current code base on all supported platforms.

        In this third presentation on GT.M, K.S. Bhaskar will discuss
        the GT.M development infrastructure, as well as the development
        methodology, which is based on agile methods and test-driven
        software development.  Members of the GT.M team will be on
        hand to keep him honest and to help answer questions.

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