Matthew Rosewarne on 3 Nov 2007 00:36:34 -0000

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[PLUG] Season of Usability

I'm not sure how many have heard of the OpenUsability project; if you haven't, 
it's a (relatively new) project to help integrate usability engineering into 
our F/OSS development process.  They recently published the results of their 
Season of Usability (not unlike Google's Summer of Code) and are already 
looking for participants for the next Season.

If you're a usability engineer (surely it's obvious that there are TONS of 
usability engineers who read the PLUG list) it's a great way to get some 
real-world experience.  If you know any usability engineers, please pass the 
word along; or if you go to a school or business that has a usability 
engineers, it would be great to let them know about OpenUsability and the 

More info about the Season of Usability:

OpenUsability site:

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