Isaac Bennetch on 12 Jan 2008 08:15:40 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] mutt says mail is From "To Isaac Bennetch"

Stephen, thanks for the response.

On Jan 11, 2008 11:15 AM, Stephen Gran <> wrote:
> Do you have a different folder index for the troublesome folder?
> Can you paste any config lines related to the troublesome folder into an email?

That's the weird thing, as far as I know my config is exactly the
same. I don't know where to look for any differences, but see some
configuration directives below. I'm not sure exactly what you mean by
"different folder index", but hopefully this helps clear up some of
your questions. I chopped out parts that seem irrelevant. Email
addresses obfuscated because I fear the spambots ;-)

__part of .fetchmailrc:
        protocol pop3
        user foo
        mda "/usr/bin/env CONTEXT=verizon /usr/bin/procmail -p -Y -t -f %F"

        protocol pop3
        user bar
        mda "/usr/bin/env CONTEXT=comcast /usr/bin/procmail -p -Y -t -f %F"
__ end chunk of .fetchmailrc

you'll understand the messy mda line in a moment. verizon works as
expected, comcast does not.

__ from .procmailrc
DEFAULT = /var/mail/isaac
* CONTEXT ?? ^verizon$

* CONTEXT ?? ^comcast$
__end .procmailrc chunk

__finally, from .muttrc
alternates "(|"
mailboxes ! =verizon =yahoo =comcast =hotmail =Spam
folder-hook .        my_hdr From: Isaac Bennetch <>
folder-hook =verizon my_hdr From: Isaac Bennetch <>
folder-hook =comcast my_hdr From: Isaac Bennetch <>
__end .muttrc

So everything looks identical between comcast and verizon to my eye,
however the comcast account exhibits the weird "from" behavior in mutt
whereas the verizon account (and my other half-dozen accounts) are

Thanks for your help!
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