Fred Stluka on 16 Jan 2008 11:03:04 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] Need a domain servicer ...


Network Solutions will do it for you, and give you a Web interface
to manage the DNS records yourself. 

That's what I do ever since I got tired of running my own DNS server
SMTP servers and being unfindable when the DSL line to my server was
down.  I pushed both services to Network Solutions, and now get much
better uptime.

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Michael Leone wrote:

>So I've gone from DSL to Comcast cable (for a number of reasons I
>won't go into). Previously, my ISP handled the servicing of my domain
>name (DNS servicing). I've moved my domain over to Google Apps, but
>still need some way to service the DNS settings of my domain, before I
>cancel my old ISP. So what would you all recommend I do, or who I
>should go with? I wouldn't mind being able to manage it myself (all I
>really need are MX entries, since I can't have my own servers on
>My domain is registered with Network Solutions.
>Thanks for any info.
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