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Re: [PLUG] The One True OS, migrating to

On Friday 18 January 2008 21:14:20 James Barrett wrote:
> I was thinking Edubuntu

Edubuntu is tuned for a lab and may be a good choice.

My "enlightened" company permits parents with childcare issues to bring their 
kids to work whenever they want.  It is officially discouraged but in 
practice permitted and enabled.  In the beginning of last summer, the kids 
were running wild.  To keep them quiet, the mothers gave the kids their login 
credentials and had the kids sit at the desks of coworkers out for the day.  
This was very bad and dangerous.

So in an act of discouraging while enabling, we commandeered a conference room 
and equipped it with an old, mostly obsolete box and a laptop with a broken 
screen (using an external monitor).  I installed edubuntu and used the 
included lockdown utilities.  In our famously open environment, this 
conference room (unlike the others) has curtains, and the door is usually 
shut.  There is no adult supervision.  Other than setting up the machines, 
none of this has anything to do with the IT department, and the thought of it 
makes me cringe, but...

In the 7 or 8 months its been up, they have managed to break the keyboard on 
the laptop, break the table, and cause a 40 lb. monitor to fly across the 
room, but the software build on the computers has remained solid and has not 
needed any maintenance at all.

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