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[PLUG] The One True OS, migrating to

It's no secret to the people I work with that I can't stand certain 
operating systems.  Most of it tends to be around Windows, but I'm not 
too happy about Macs either. [no slam intended - I tried it and didn't 
like it]

In fact people who barely know me know I hate Windows.  I always say 
`it's not an operating system, it's a virus.'

Things had gotten worse in our long-term rocky relationship.  The time 
between OS reinstallations grew shorter and shorter.  The last re-do was 
*two months* ago.  I always joked that I'd be the only MIS manager with 
a company full of Windows machines who refused to run Windows.

It finally happened.

Maybe it was 60 days til Shredded OS.
Maybe it was typing `ping' and seeing `ping not recognized as a command'.
Maybe it was the Great Disappearing Quick Launch Bar.
It could even have been having to re-set my views every time I opened a 
MS was, as one would expect, no help at all.

On the day it flatly refused to install programs, refused to do a 
Windows repair, and refused to do anything except blue screen with codes 
not documented anywhere, I decided I would take the Big Step toward 
being Windows-Free.

My most time-consuming decision was which distro to install.  I like 
Xubuntu, but recently tried out PCLinuxOS.  It was decent, but not me. 
Since I had a Kubuntu disk handy, I installed it.  I got called away and 
when I returned, it was done.


Since the previous OS literally died, I didn't have time to do a proper 
migration.  I had backups plus the data on the drive.  I slaved the old 
drive so I'd have ready access,  The only plan I could come up with was 
my old joke of running XP in a VM, so I got busy preparing that environment.

My coworker, who has much more time with linux, was incredibly helpful. 
  He reminded me to use Evolution and install the Exchange conduit so I 
could get my email, calendars, and other assorted corporate nonsense.

The Evo setup was relatively painless.  Until I tried to *use* it.  It 
worked flawlessly for damn near half a day before developing 
`interesting' issues, like taking forever to search for a name in the 
address book, totally freezing the app until it returned data.

I used Evo as my main reader years back but dropped it because stuff 
kept breaking and the developers identified the problems as being 
outside Evo.  That's nice, but I need to read my email, which I can't do 
when a library breaks my client.

So I know Evo is pretty stable and assumed it had become even moreso. 
Every problem that popped up sounded to my learned coworker like the 
problems he had with older versions of Evo; the current one was working 
fine for him.

At some point I remembered I'd have to access network resources (that's 
why I get the Big Bucks).  I got drives mounted and promptly ran 
head-first into the Domain Dilemma.  My coworker's solution involved Pam 
and two others.  I didn't want to screw with MORE stuff I didn't know 
yet.  After a few hours, my savior came up with just the right fstab 


Let's just say that the Gentle (forced) Migration isn't over and hasn't 
gone smoothly.  I don't expect it will at all.  I know it's only gonna 
get worse (how's THAT for positivism?).  I know that a planned migration 
takes time and involves working out the bugs.  I just had no idea the 
non-planned migration would be so *%&$ing troublesome.

I'm going to fill in blanks and change the tone a bit when I continue 
this extended story-rant on my blog.  I figured I'd share a bit of it 
here due to its relevance.

The horror is just beginning :)


Now 99% Windows-Free!


blog: ThermionicEmissions

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