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Re: [PLUG] The One True OS, migrating to

On 1/16/08, jeff <jeffv@op.net> wrote:
> It's no secret to the people I work with that I can't stand certain
> operating systems.  Most of it tends to be around Windows, but I'm not
> too happy about Macs either. [no slam intended - I tried it and didn't
> like it]
> In fact people who barely know me know I hate Windows.  I always say
> `it's not an operating system, it's a virus.'
> Things had gotten worse in our long-term rocky relationship.  The time
> between OS reinstallations grew shorter and shorter.  The last re-do was
> *two months* ago.  I always joked that I'd be the only MIS manager with
> a company full of Windows machines who refused to run Windows.

I gotta tell you .. I quite honestly can't remember the last time I
had to re-install Windows to correct Windows problems (as opposed to
re-installing because a hard drive died). If you're really having to
re-install Windows every 2 months, you really must be doing something
wacky to Windows. No offense, but Windows really isn't *that* fragile
(at least not for most people). I believe you, I'm just saying I never
heard or saw anyone who needed to re-install Windows anywhere near
that often. But maybe you do some esoteric stuff on Windows I never
saw ...

> I used Evo as my main reader years back but dropped it because stuff
> kept breaking and the developers identified the problems as being
> outside Evo.  That's nice, but I need to read my email, which I can't do
> when a library breaks my client.

I used to use Evo years ago, on Mandrake. And that was before the
Exchange conduit. And it did the same thing to me ...
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