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Re: [PLUG] The One True OS, migrating to

On Thursday 17 January 2008 22:52:32 Michael Leone wrote:
> > I used Evo as my main reader years back but dropped it because stuff
> > kept breaking and the developers identified the problems as being
> > outside Evo.  That's nice, but I need to read my email, which I can't do
> > when a library breaks my client.
> I used to use Evo years ago, on Mandrake. And that was before the
> Exchange conduit. And it did the same thing to me ...

Evo 2.8 (SLED) and 2.12.1 (Ubuntu) are both working nicely for me.  I prefer 
the Kontact interface but Kontact integration with Exchange is a limp kludge 
at best.  There is a lot not to like with Evo, but its good points include
	1. Exchange integration
	2. Does important things better than outlook
	3. Recent development seems to aimed at stability and performance instead of 
new features.
	4. Does important things better than outlook

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