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Re: [PLUG] The One True OS, migrating to

Michael Leone wrote:
> I gotta tell you .. I quite honestly can't remember the last time I
> had to re-install Windows to correct Windows problems 

I am truly glad you have avoided these issues.
I wouldn't wish them on anyone (except maybe some folks in DC and Redmond).

> re-installing because a hard drive died). If you're really having to
> re-install Windows every 2 months,

To be accurate, the last time was 2 months.  The previous times were longer.

> you really must be doing something
> wacky to Windows. No offense,

None taken.  I'd almost have to agree with you, if I were at your computer.

> but Windows really isn't *that* fragile

I used to defend Server, telling people that it didn't have to be 
rebooted every three days or so.  2000 lasted quite a while on my 
desktop, as did XP at first.

Since there's no objective way to measure it, I simply suspect that I 
have certain `talents'.  (in addition to the OS being a piece of dung)

> (at least not for most people). I believe you, I'm just saying I never
> heard or saw anyone who needed to re-install Windows anywhere near
> that often. But maybe you do some esoteric stuff on Windows I never
> saw ...

That's very tactful of you (no, I mean it).
I do esoteric stuff like web surfing, emailing, domain administration, 
simple spreadsheeting, and even the odd bit of word processing.

You won't find so much as one aftermarket game or time-waster on my 
systems.  They were so well protected and firewalled that I hadn't seen 
a single popup in years.   I stopped running Ad-Aware because I never 
picked anything up except for MRU entries.

After short periods of time, weird stuff would start happening.
It was quite amusing to my coworkers, but rather frustrating to me.

> I used to use Evo years ago, on Mandrake. And that was before the
> Exchange conduit. And it did the same thing to me ...

Ah, the good old days :)
Must've been the same time for both of us.


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