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Re: [PLUG] The One True OS, migrating to

On Friday 18 January 2008 00:04:20 James Barrett wrote:
> Some things
> must be considered, such as "Will the children be confused about the
> software differences after the switch?" 

Not as much as the teachers.

(Tech-saavy teachers will be more confused than the clueless)

>Then there is the bottom line, "What
> are the costs of doing such a thing, and are they outweighed by the
> benefits?", remembering that cost is not all about money.  Cost can
> include the topic of 'Will Windows software run correctly on Linux, if
> at all?'

Depends what you need.  There are always wine, CrossOver and vm solutions.  As 
for money, its not just the cost of the software, but the increasing windows 
hardware appetite if the school needs to keep older hardware in operation.

The question you didn't ask in a school environment is, "Are you giving 
students real world experience by teaching them an OS far less likely to be 
used by a future employer than Windows?"  Flooding schools with Apples in 
the '80s didn't cause businesses to install Macs over PCs.  Then again, it 
didn't hinder students in their mastery of Wintel PCs either.

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