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Re: [PLUG] One True OS

On Saturday 19 January 2008, W. Chris Shank wrote:
> you are right - consumer will get the brand-name probably and take
> home Vista and it won't work well.  then they tell their friends and
> the friends ask about alternatives. they hear about mac, go to the
> apple store and are either turn-on by the crazy hipness and cool
> stuff, can afford it and buy - or they are turned off by it and go get
> a PC. there is no Linux store where they can go see Linux in action,
> play with it, and have someone show them the cool features.

Don't forget the common scenario: Customer takes it to kid-nextdoor/local 
computer shop and says "My new computer doesn't work!!!"

Chances are these people will wipe the thing and install a (questionably 
legal) copy of XP on it.

> IT departments are avoiding Vista because of the cost, complexity, and
> business continuity risks of upgrading. They are waiting until every
> vendor for every application they have says they support Vista and the
> hardware makers do the same. Only then will Vista get into businesses
> in a serious way. The opportunity for Linux (or Apple) lies in the
> time between when XP is no longer available and when their apps can
> run on Vista. This is the critical time. If MS kills XP too soon, the
> window will be large enough that businesses could seriously consider
> Linux, even as a transitional step while waiting for Vista
> compatibility, only because they have the need for new PCs (ie - new
> hires, dead PCs, etc). If MS allows desktop Linux to get a foot in the
> door they may be sorry as businesses may realize that Linux is pretty
> good.

There's also a good opportunity here for Wine.  If Wine can run some of the 
homebrew apps whose source has been lost to the mists of time, then that 
would be a strong showing for FOSS.

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